Monday, May 18, 2009

Beach Trip!

Well, the mercury was supposed to hit close to 90 in the valley this weekend, so we decided it was a good time to head for the coast. We is me, my girlfriend Jeri, my best friend Mike and his wife and 5 y/o son. So we all loaded up in my truck and headed for the central coast where it was supposed to be mild, though windy. It turned out to be both those things.

First stop was Depot Bay, home of the worlds smallest navigable harbor. This place is great when there's a storm coming it. The waves crash against the rocks and shoot water spouts hundreds of feet in the air and up over the highway. Pretty calm today though. Lots of fishing charters and whale watching boats come in and out of this harbor, and we stuck around and watched for a while then headed further south to play on the beach.

A few miles down highway 101 we stopped at Beverly Beach state park so my buddies son could play in the sand. Yes, it was windy there, just look at my hair!

After having enough playing in the sand we headed on down the road to Newport, where we did some window shopping and browsing in the stores along the historic bayfront. Then we headed to the other side of town and had a great dinner in a restaurant overlooking the ocean. In my 34 years of living here I've never seen a whale spout until saturday. We're just catching the tail end of the whales spring migration from the warm waters in baja mexico up to the feeding grounds in alaska. I finally saw a whale spout as we were sitting eating dinner looking out over the water. No one believed me though until they saw it too. There were at least three of them and one was pretty close in, no more than 50 feet off shore I'd say.

Once we'd stuffed ourselves with dinner we high-tailed it out to the Yaquina Head lighthouse to watch the sunset. Spectacular views from there.

This little cove had a few harbor seals with new pups, but they weren't very active at this time of day.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse


Me and my girl (can you tell it's windy?)

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