Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sure is quiet

Well, sorry I haven't really posted much in the last week. It's been pretty hectic around here with work and trying to get everything ready for my cruise. Still have lots of little loose ends to try and tie up before I leave thursday.

You ever get the feeling like you're running around like crazy but not managing to get anything accomplished? That's how I feel right now. I'll get started on one task and then realize that I need to do something else before I forget and then it's a while before I get back to the original task.

Feeling kind of overwhelmed with it all. I'll be glad when I'm on the plan and going. At least then I'll know there's nothing more I can do, and it's time to just relax.

1 comment:

cowgirl said...

Mike I imagine I would be running in circles if I were getting ready for a big trip like what you are going on. It sounds so nice... I hope you have a great time!