Monday, May 11, 2009

This weekend's race...

Well after being rained out last weekend, we wanted to get some racing in, but our series is not scheduled to race again until may 30th. So we decided to load up and head 3 hours south to a track that was running a class we could "compete" in. Now, I put compete in quotes because the class we run in is a crate motor class... we go buy a sealed motor from GM and that's it, you can't do any mods to it. Maybe 350 HP on a good day. The class we were running in this weekend is the same chassis, but an open motor class. Some of those guys are running full aluminum block 800+ HP motors that cost 30 grand.

Anyway, it was a pretty good weekend. Had a couple of mishaps. The fuel line got tangled in the axle during hot laps and yanked it clean out of the fuel cell. Got that repaired just in time for qualifying. Turned in a time that was almost a full second faster than our best at that track last year, and landed us in 13th place, out of 17. Not bad for bringing a knife to a gun fight.

The main was going alright, pretty much outclassed the whole way, but we were holding our own. Managed to make it up to 7th place by the time a yellow flew with 5 to go. Mostly due to cars wrecking out (two cars completely flipped) but we were still holding off and passing some of the slower guys. Coming into turn 3 with the white flag flying we hit a big bump in the upper groove and knocked the battery out of it's tray and disconnected the positive cable, which shut the car down instantly. So we coasted across the white and finished 3 laps down in 10th place.

Not bad for a crate motor against the big boys, and we think we knocked all the gremlins out, which was the point of the whole night. Plus my driver says the car is hooked up better than it ever has before, so we're right on track with the setup this year.

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