Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two weeks and counting

Well, in two weeks and 4 hours I'll be boarding the plane, headed for Seattle, London and eventually Barcelona. It's starting to finally sink in that it's actually going to happen. Looks like I'm going to need to get some new luggage, because my old stuff doesn't fit within the new size rules and doesn't have TSA accessible locks. Oh well. Time for an upgrade anyway. And what's the deal with charging fees for checked baggage these days? I know it's only $25, but still that adds up. They'll find any way to get your money I guess.

In a way though I'd rather have them do that then just add the extra cost onto the ticket. That way if I don't need to check baggage I'm not paying for it.

So, since there will be a couple formal nights on the cruise I need either a tux or a suit to wear. I inquired about renting a tux on the ship, but apparently the clothier in Barcelona doesn't have much selection and I'm out of luck on that front. And I'm certainly not going to buy, or even rent a tux from home for that long. So I bought my first suit last night. I can't believe I've made it 34 years so far without needing a suit. Lol. It's funny, everyone says I look good in it, but I still feel like a monkey.

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