Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She made me do it....

So Jeri (my fiancée) noted that I hadn't posted anything on here in over a year. So....

This one's for you baby!

Life's been a little too busy lately to post much on here. Lots of changes in the past year. Jeri and I got engaged, we're going to be married August 27th. I've sold my house and moved in with my honey. We our buying a new house and should be moving in in the next couple weeks. Can't wait to get out of that cramped apartment. 800 sq. ft. is just too small for two adults and two kids.

Let's see... work is crazy, both my day-time job and my various side jobs. It's the off season for racing so at least that's not taking my time, but we should start gearing up for the new season soon.

And last but not least... tomorrow is my sweetie's birthday! Happy Birthday baby!

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