Monday, October 24, 2011

Saucijzenbroodjes (sausage rolls)

Here's a quick easy Dutch recipe for you. Saucijzenbroodjes are just sausage rolled up in puff pastry and baked. They use uncased sausage, but the alternate version, called Worstbroodjes, uses small cased sausage. In this version I'm making Saucijzenbroodjes.

The original recipe calls for ground beef/pork mix, with Mace, Nutmeg and black pepper for seasoning. But I was lazy so I just used some Sage flavored Jimmy Dean sausage. This simple recipe only requires 3 things: Sausage, Puff Pastry and an Egg.

Once the Puff Pastry is thawed out, cut it into squares. I cut one sheet into 9 equal(ish) squares.

Then you take a small piece of sausage, and roll it into a "log" shape. I always have a tendency to stuff too much sausage in them, as you'll see later it doesn't really hurt anything, but they don't look quite as good.
Once they're filled, fold the pastry over, and seal the edges with a fork, and put them on a baking sheet.

When you have them all crimped and put on a baking sheet, mix a little water with the egg and beat it well, then brush it over the rolls and coat them well. Be sure not to drip any on the sheet, as it makes a mess when baking. As you can see, I'm not real good at not dripping.

Then, simply pop them into a 350 oven for about half an hour... until the tops are nice and brown. As you can see, I over filled this again, and they blew out the side. Still nice and tasty, but don't look quite as good.

Eet Smakelijk! (That'd be the Dutch version of Bon Appetit!)

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