Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vacation at the coast

Way back in July (seems like years ago already) my family and I spent a week camping at the north Oregon coast, and I'm just now getting around to making a post about it, so please forgive me for my tardiness.

We stayed at Fort Stevens state park and spent lots of time exploring the different forts and museums in the area.

Fort Stevens was built during the civil war to protect the mouth of the Columbia river and was in use until after WWII. We also ventured across the river to the Washington side and visited Fort Columbia, Fort Steven's counter part on the north side of the river. Had a great time, even though the weather wasn't the best.

Fort Stevens holds the honor of being the only main-land military installation to receive hostile fire during WWII. In June 1942 a Japanese submarine fired 17 shells at Battery Russell, but caused no damage except taking out the backstop at the baseball field and several telephone cables.

My youngest step-son Mattie playing in a jeep at the museum at Ft. Stevens
Loading Mattie into a cannon

Looking down on the West Battery @ Ft. Stevens from the Commander's Station

Walking up to the Commander's Station

In the commander's station

Back side of the cmdr's station

Looking over to Battery Pratt from the cmdr's station
On top of Battery Pratt. On the left is where the disappearing gun would be. I apparently didn't get a picture of it but they have a replica of the gun in there. It was down out of view from the river, and would pop up to fire, then drop back down for reloading and to keep the crews safe.

Inside battery pratt. The rails on the ceiling were used to haul the ammunition from the storage rooms over to the pulleys where they'd be hoisted up to the crew on top for loading.

Closeup of a sign at Battery 245 @ Ft. Stevens
Mattie posing in the tool room inside btry 245

Steven playing zombie in the Shell room of btry 245

Mattie posing at the rifle range @ ft stevens

better view of the rifle range. This is the "down range" side where the crews would hoist up and take down the targets.
The boys posing on a huge anchor outside the Columbia River maritime museum.

Boys playing on a small beach as a Bar Pilot ship comes back into the marina

The Astoria Column above the city of Astoria.
Yes, I did haul my fat butt all the way up to the top. My legs were jello for a good two hours afterwards! lol. Looking south from the top of the column. Just outside the picture to the right is Ft. Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark spent 106 days from December 1805 to March 1806.

A pair of Bald Eagles flew past as we were on top of the column

We also stopped by the "Goonie" house in Astoria, if anyone remembers the movie The Goonies from the 80s

On to Fort Columbia on the Washington side of the river.

Panorama of Battery Murphy @ ft columbia

Looking up at the barracks and mess hall from btry Ord

Back side of Battery Ord

the boys playing "jail" inside the battery

Coming up from inside Battery Murphy, gun emplacement on the left

 One of the replica guns at Battery 246

Mattie posing with the gun at Btry 246

We also stopped by one of the many light houses while up in Washington. I'm surprised I didn't get an overall picture of the lighthouse, but here's one from the base looking up.

Me and the boys posing at the base

The lightkeeper's station

Me with the two fuel storage houses from back when they used oil burning lamps in the lighthouse

Looking south from the lighthouse. You can see the north and south jetties of the Columbia river in the distance.

And of course being at the beach we couldn't help but do some playing in the water.

Looking south on Indian Beach. For you "Twilight" movie fans (my wife is a huge fan) you may recognize this. This is the beach they filmed the surfing scenes on, and where Jacob tells Bella about the Cold Ones.

Well, that's all I have for now. In all it was a great camping trip, and I can't wait to do it again soon!


cowgirl said...

Great pictures Mike! Looks like you and family had a wonderful trip. Good to see you posting again! :)

Mike said...

Thanks Jeanie. Good to be back, this time I plan to say at it :-)